ZakCalendar Scheduler

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ZakCalendar Scheduler

ZakCalendar Scheduler is the leading calendar app that lets you schedule and manage your events on-the-go. You can create events, define rooms for them, and send meeting requests as well as view, edit, or cancel those requests with just a few clicks. This app enables you to better manage your time, prepare for upcoming events, track events, and induce flexibility into your schedules. With this app, notifications prior to meetings can be scheduled and meeting notes (including MOM, meeting type etc.) can be collected. It allows an admin to approve or reject the meeting requests, resolve room assignment conflicts, access the meeting details.

With this calendar app, you can:

• select the event to check details, including subject and description
• quickly pre-schedule notifications before the events and used reminders to keep notes
of your meeting details including MOM, meeting type etc. • schedule multiple meetings on the same date, time, and venue by using different meeting rooms.