Health Hero for Dynamics

Health Hero Inc.

Omnichannel digital health engagement & social determinants of health

Omnichannel digital health engagement & social determinants of health for patients and members delivered via web, mobile, chat, automated phone calls, and text messages with templated scripts for disease management and improved patient experience. Health Hero provides providers and payers with a solution to reduce readmittance by 40% and improve the patient experience with our multichannel nudges and follow-ups that are delivered via automated phone calls and text messages. The platform allows physicians to create smart templates and scripts that adapt to the dialogue and template based on disease state; it also lets the the care team create and set up a trigger system that keeps the health care team informed with on-time alerts and notifications that create action items. Additionally, care managers and nurses can deliver instant communication for their patients regarding discharge instructions, health services needed, disease-related content, appointment reminders, wellness surveys, and other elements to help the patient engage with their health while improving the overall experience and adherence.