Imperium Job Hazard Analysis


Job Hazard Analysis surveys and analytics based on OSHA reporting standards.

What is Imperium Job Hazard Analysis?

To seamlessly evaluate workplace safety, Imperium Job Hazard Analysis offers built-in surveys according to the OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) standards. The Job Hazard Analysis is a complete package to evaluate the Workplace Safety provisions and to analyze health measures provided to employees at the workplace. Assign surveys to employees organization-wide and maintain visibility of real-time data through dashboards.

Key Features

  • Score-based data evaluation for OSHA reporting.
  • Real-time dashboards for Job Hazard Analysis.
  • Automated Survey Assignment process on a recurring basis with notifications.
  • Individual and bulk assignment to employee and employee groups, respectively.
  • Employee Survey Management with mobile and tablet-friendly Canvas Application.
  • Supports anonymous survey assignment and secured submissions.
  • Survey configuration with scoring rules and branching.