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Omnipresence - Customer Engagement Transformation for Life Sciences

Omnipresence is an innovative, enterprise platform for life sciences organizations to create more impactful engagement with healthcare providers, patients and other customers while simultaneously driving efficiency in their sales, marketing and digital ecosystem. The platform, a result of the strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, delivers unified, simplified and intelligent systems to the industry.

Customized for Life Sciences and Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Omnipresence brings together the power of Microsoft’s Dynamics, Azure, Office and LinkedIn suites. The class leading technologies are verticalized for the life sciences requirements and use cases. 

With such a hyper-scale, globally available and secure power, Omnipresence aims to advance life sciences organizations from functionally-created cost with deep complexity to a customer-focused platform.

Making this shift can enable life sciences organizations to achieve truly transformative experiences with prescribers and patients. Plus a light systems footprint makes it an easy choice for existing Microsoft corporate ecosystems.

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