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Infer Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Predictive Scoring and Sales Intelligence by Infer. Infer’s proven AI-solutions will boost sales productivity and decision making in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Infer starts by building a predictive model, unique to your business, taking into account historical CRM data as well as Infer’s vast library of external signals to identify which prospects are the best fit for your products. Predictive scores are added onto customer records in Microsoft Dynamics to help increase sales productivity through better prioritization, streamlined workflows and more informed decision-making.


  • Automatically research every lead and identify qualified prospects
  • Increase rep productivity by immediately routing high-scoring leads to sales
  • Create dashboards and reports to track performance and inform decision-making
  • Surface good leads that are getting missed or stuck in nurture
  • Extract high-potential prospects from any list

Infer’s customers see, on average, a 3x increase in conversion rates and a 2x increase in deal size as a result of adopting Infer’s predictive scoring models.