Time and Attendance App


Maximize Your Business's Efficiency with Our Intuitive Time and Attendance Solution

Our powerful cloud-based time & attendance app efficiently manages the time and attendance of employees. It helps enhance visibility and automate the calculation of employee work hours. With several ways for entering time registrations, it aids in eliminating data entry errors within an automated and integrated system.

Dynamics HR & Payroll increase scheduling precision and efficiency in payment procedures. Its real-time attendance feed allows you to monitor clock-ins, clock-outs, and absences. Besides, it's time sheets record and automatically enter data into your payroll process. Our time & attendance app can be easily integrated to other HR & payroll software like KAISPE’s FlexPayroll app.

This app’s time clock provides employers and managers with real-time information about workers' shifts, who is clocked in, or on a break. It also provides customizable policies, leave management, reporting, and analytics to simplify HR processes and improve employees’ productivity.

Here Are A Few Remarkable Features of Our Time & Attendance Application

  • Helps remove manual data entry errors with an integrated and automated system
  • Improves efficiency and scheduling accuracy for payment processes
  • Permits managers to track employees’ time and attendance information
  • Helps eliminate the risk of time theft, wrong data, and clocking in for someone else
  • Allows for synchronization of data across all tasks
  • Multilingual support