ActivityTools for simple email and activity handling in Dynamics 365

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Efficient activity management for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

Activities play a vital role in every Dynamics 365 implementation. ActivityTools offers a comprehensive view of activities in a familiar Outlook-like interface.

Seamlessly navigate through the activity list with the practical list and preview pane, providing you with a 360° perspective.

  • Effortlessly browse through activities while instantly previewing selected items, similar to popular email clients.
  • Our add-on dynamically loads records in reversed chronological order, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Utilize various filter and search options to efficiently locate activities within Dynamics 365 and PowerApps.

Gain a 360° view of all activities associated with a record:

  • List view: Display activities in reverse chronological order.
  • Utilize advanced search and filter capabilities based on content, status, type, and date range.
  • Preview pane: Directly preview activities and attachments.
  • Load records "on-demand" to maintain high performance levels.
  • Enjoy fully customizable layout and preview pane to tailor the experience to your needs.
  • Embed the solution into entity forms or dashboards seamlessly.
  • Support for user-views (inbox) and queue-views.

So, what are you waiting for? Try ActivityTools today with our 14-day free trial, including all features and support – no payment required!