DRM e-Detail Basic

Nubes Systems and Technology

Pharmaceutical Marketing Content management and e-detailing solution

DRM e-Detail is a content management solution for Pharma businesses and is mainly used by sellers (medical reps) to present their products to their customers (doctors, pharmacists, etc.).
  • Start immediately with your available content (pdf, pptx…etc.)
  • Use App brochures which brings you an interactive experience and deep and detailed insights about their usage.
  • Can be integrated with the DRM PowerApp CRM solution to bring even more powerful experience and drive more customer-related data 
  • Faster and secure targeted delivery of content to end users.
  • One central management portal, implementing highly granular level security for each content type.
  • Ability to expand to a multi-channel Marketing approach
  • Deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 cloud services 
What kind of data do you receive from the DRM e-Detail App Brochure?

  • Data on how the App Brochure is used by reps.
    • How long and how often a presentation is used
    • Length of time spent on specific slides
    • Slides shown / not shown
  • Users’ opinions and understanding of topics.
    • Degree to which users agree with key messages
    • Understanding of a product e.g. efficacy or contraindications.
    • Likelihood to prescribe


  • Middle East and North Africa including Iran and Turkey


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