Power Social Media & Media

oleh Nycken Euro

manage & automate social media & media, search mentions, post responses, issue press releases & ads.

App has two main functionality areas: Social Media and Media.
App automatically searches social media for key words set by user and creates leads under Mentions tab. The leads contain content of the social media post, details of the posting person, his location and number of times post has been shared. These mentions can be shortlisted in shortlisting flow. The shortlisted mentions shift to Responses part of app.
The response activity consists of drafting a response, its editing by a second person, automated approval flow. After approval the response is posted in last step automatically.
The Self Engagement part of app is used for social media activity initiated by company itself. The activity flow consists of content creation, editing, automated approval via email/MS Teams and posting.
The media part of app consists of press release and advertisement management. The activities under this part consist of draft preparation, editing by a second person, automated approval flow via e-mail/MS Teams and finally automated dispatch to media.
Timeline control in each activity helps to maintain a record of all tasks undertaken by user during processing the activity flow, providing a solid institutional memory for consistency and informed decisions. The controls to share links, attach documents, import and export data to excel, accessing advance views contribute to efficiency and productivity.
Two kind of dashborads have been provided for all four app areas, first interactive dashboards and second main dashboards. These dashboards consist of charts and streams, providing all useful information at one place.