Exeevo Omnipresence - Life Sciences Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Exeevo life sciences platforms result from a strategic alliance established in 2017 between Indegene and Microsoft and a strategic collaboration with Syneos Health in 2020. 


Exeevo’s unified, intelligent, and agile cloud-based platforms provide a digital ecosystem with advanced capabilities in CRM. They offer marketing, contact centers, event management, commercial operations, expert engagement, clinical trial recruitment, and customer and patient insights for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device makers. Exeevo platforms address the following use cases:   

Exeevo Omnipresence

Customer Experience (CX) use cases from engagement to operations with healthcare providers, hospital systems, and pharmacists. This modern technology platform exceeds traditional life sciences CRM and marketing alternatives by including omnichannel engagement and AI capabilities in a unified ecosystem. 

Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry with a focus on agility, scalability, and intelligence, Exeevo is committed to the transformative power of health experiences in the pursuit of sustainable health outcomes. 

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