Deals App

Preact Ltd

Straightforward, low-cost CRM application for managing your sales deals all in one place

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right CRM application?

Are you repeatedly finding CRM applications that are too complex or expensive for your needs?

Preact's Deals App is a lightweight, scalable application with core sales functionality to help you improve seller performance.
Improve organisation by easily identifying and prioritising deals that are more likely to close.
Increase visibility of deals by tracking the latest action for each prospective deal.
Work more effectively by using custom charts and dashboards to help visualise your pipeline, and draw on key insights.
Nurture relationship with customers, with all the data you need at your fingertips. This includes customer information, contact histories and document attachments.
As a model-driven app, your sales and customer data is easily accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

Solution features:

    • Contact, Account & Activity Management
    • Outlook Integration
    • Sales Tracking (Custom Deals Table)
    • Guided Sales Flows
    • Customisable Sales Stages
    • Products & Price Lists*
    • Quotes (Created Quote Document Templates)
    • Sales Dashboards

*Functionality for Product, Prices and Units of Measure use custom entities / tables within the Deal App and do not use the standard Dynamics 365 Sales entities.

Key Usage Scenarios:

    • Ideal for sales teams that are tracking deals over multiple locations i.e. spreadsheets, emails, or even paper copies. The Deals App allows users to find all the information they need in one central location.
    • The Deals App makes sharing information a lot easier as teams don’t have to email detail, or constantly update other team members; each account will be up-to-date with the latest interactions and deal status. Document attachments and notes can be added to the account too.
    • Sales teams can prioritise their work load, and make decisions, based on clear insights they gain from the sales dashboard rather than guess work. See how close deals are to closing, the probability of them closing, and the estimated revenue of the deal.

How to Deploy 

Purchase a Solutions 365 subscription for access to our entire collection of packaged solutions OR an Elevate 365 managed service subscription for access to all our solutions, and support, technical expertise, product insight, and training resources