Easily tag any record to reflect frequently used categorisations and searchable filters

This simple field control provides users with additional flexibility to quickly tag accounts, contacts, leads and other standard or custom records.

Customise and segment records

The tag control can be used in numerous scenarios. For example, use tags to set 'key account' and 'reference site' tags on accounts or apply tags to track a contact's known interests. 

Enrich forms by using this intuitive solution to quickly set multiple tag values which provide more detail about each relationship or record.

Define User Access

Configure security roles to determine if users can create and use tags.

Suggested Tags

Begin typing to see a contextual list of suggested tags.

Searchable Tags

Find matching records by using tag field values to apply search criteria and filters. 

How to Deploy

Download Record Tagging and get access to our entire growing collection of pre-built products by subscribing to Solutions 365 from Preact. Browse and deploy more connectors, field controls, automated processes and other usability tools that provide additional functionality and enhanced user experiences.


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