Project Management Add-ons for Project Operations and Project Service Automation

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These three add-ons extend the project and resource capabilities of Dynamics 365 PO and PSA.

What are the project management add-ons for PO and PSA?

Time Tracking, Approval Manager and Project Gantt are the three key complementary add-ons to extend the project management functionalities of Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Project Service Automation.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking supports team members with the accurate recording of working hours. Its features include:

  • Easy tracking of precise working hours per project
  • Recording of related expenses, e.g. travel costs
  • Color coding to indicate the status of time entries

Approval Manager

Approval Manager makes the approval of bookings easier for managers by providing the following functionalities:

  • Streamlining of the approval process for time and expense bookings
  • In-line editing to make immediate corrections
  • Perfect groundwork for flawless invoices
  • Automatically generated comparison charts for instant analysis

Project Gantt

Project Gantt helps to better plan and structure projects. As a project manager, the app supports you with these features:

  • Multi-project and multi-customer Gantt view
  • Interactive Gantt charts to realistically structure projects
  • Visualization of dependencies between project tasks
  • Overview of the status of KPIs in the controlling mode

Why project management add-ons for PO and PSA?

With this package you got your resource and project management covered. Especially when dealing with multilayered projects that involve several resources, these three apps will make work easier for both project managers and project team members.

You are only in need of one of these add-ons? No problem! You can add each of them to your Dynamics 365 environment individually. You can also check out the add-ons in more detail here:

>>>Time Tracking

 >>>Approval Manager

 >>>Project Gantt


All three add-ons for Dynamics 365 are available in English and German.


The package with all three apps costs €15 per user/month.

Please note: The project management add-ons extend Dynamics 365 and are no standalone apps.

Who developed this app?

proMX has been working as an implementation partner in the field of Dynamics 365 since its launch. Additionally, it develops its own add-ons for Dynamics 365 technologies, in particular Project Service Automation and Project Operations.

proMX helps companies find and implement modern business solutions to reinvent their productivity.