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CRM4Retail is a Cloud-Based platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, ready for mobile phones

SB Soft has created the first clienteling platform dedicated to the Retail world, and fully integrated with Dynamics 365. CRM4Retail for Dynamics 365 supports sales associates and executives looking to provide a unique and immersive customer experience.

CRM4Retail Retail has:
Predictive Engine provides measurable verification of marketing and sales data
The integrated digital platform allows you to create a customized user experience and share information throughout your organization 
SB Soft’s CRM4FRetail solution offers CRM Digital Card allowing stores to eliminate the use of the paper card and analyzes the customer's presence in real time. Visit our page CRM4Retail 

The CRM4Retail The platform has been designed to ensure integration with very complex and heterogeneous IT systems.
The Framework made available by the CRM4Retail platform makes use of APIs in oData 4.0 technology that allows system integrators to quickly and easily save or retrieve all information.

The ISO 27001 certification makes our platform framework secure and GDPR compliant.

Moreover, thanks to “Office 365” authentication, our application is also integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem in a simple and native way.

Dynamics 365 Omni-channel Retail Predictive Engine
PowerNBA is the solution that can lead companies of any size to be successful, providing measurable results to verify the achievement of marketing objectives. Moreover, thanks to the available APIs, the predictive engine can be integrated anywhere, from the e-commerce platform, to the POS platform.

Integration Our digital store platform connects with your systems quickly and easily. The APIs made available by the CRM4RETAIL platform become the only interface point that you will use to integrate the platform with your existing IT systems. Integrating all the information of your IT systems into a single solution, allows you not only to create a unique user experience both in case that the Sales Associate needs information, and in the event that the Headquarters Business Team needs to analyze data.

Mobile CRM Digital Card
CRM4FASHION offers the CRM Digital Card among its modules. This module allows stores to eliminate the use of the paper card and analyzes the customer's presence in the central Dynamics 365 DB in real time. The platform is GDPR Compliant.

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