SMS Solution For Dynamics 365

oleh Skyline Consultants LLC

Engage with customers, leverage marketing capabilities and keep track of client’s communication.

SMS solution for Dynamics 365 is designed for users to send text messages directly from Dynamics 365 records. The solution works with the ClickSend Web provider integrated with Dynamics 365. It allows users to send text messages online via an SMS Gateway API.

What makes Skyline’s SMS solution different:
  • No fees for incoming texts
  • Everything in One Place
  • Two-way texting
  • Multiple entities supporting
  • Phone number validation
  • Full Contact’s messaging history
  • Drag & drop attachments
  • Opt-out functionality
  • Bulk messaging
  • SMS templates
  • Incoming messages notifications
  • Turnkey solution installation
  • Unlimited customization options on demand

By default, SMS is enabled on:

  • Contact

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Account

  • Case

Get our SMS Solution and Upgrade your Dynamics 365 Timeline experience as a bonus!