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Capture document metadata while uploading document to SharePoint from Dynamics 365 CE

Solution for capturing SharePoint document metadata within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Out-of-box Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration works well in most scenarios but not so if you want to add metadata to documents. The SharePoint Metadata Capture add-on allows you to capture additional metadata for a document before the same is uploaded into SharePoint right within Dynamics 365 CE.


By default Dynamics 365 CE only allows to upload document directly to SharePoint. If one needs to add metadata then they need to go into SharePoint environment and add additional document metadata. This process can be very tedious if your organization is dealing with lots of documents.


The SharePoint Metadata capture add-on complements Dynamics CRM SharePoint integration and overcomes the challenge of associating document metadata from within Dynamics 365 CE. Key benefits are:

  • Capture and Synchronize Metadata: Add-on enables you to capture additional metadata for documents when the same is uploaded into SharePoint document library from Dynamics 365 CE. It supports both SharePoint standard and custom metadata.
  • Configurable Solution: This is a configurable solution that supports any number metadata attributes of different datatypes. Each entity (document library) can have individual metadata columns. The configuration settings enable you to specify which is the metadata column is required.
  • Auto Populate Metadata: Increase productivity with auto-populate feature. Auto-populate document metadata based on entity attributes.

SharePoint Metadata capture add-on is a simple solution that enhances productivity and efficiency drastically with further automation possibility.

Trial Solution

Install the solution from AppSource and follow the documents provided below.

  • Trial Activation Guide: To activate a free 30-day trial.
  • Add-On Configuration Guide: To configure SharePoint Metadata Add-on for Dynamics 365 CE.

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