Officevibe - Employee Satisfaction

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Officevibe provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and gives you actionable tips

Officevibe is the all-in-one employee satisfaction & surveys software.

Employees love our surveys. Yes, really.


Our survey questions are simple, fresh and engaging. Companies on Officevibe enjoy survey completion rates up to 330% higher than the average. Week after week.

Get all the insights without the overhead.


Poll your employees every week, at the right time to maximize the value of each answer. Help managers get a frequent pulse on employee happiness without manually sending anything out.

Know what your employees really think.


Officevibe offers a safe channel to gather employee feedback. Managers of every level will know exactly how to improve the company based on employee feedback.

Simple, actionable reports. No PhD required.


Everyone can understand our reports which make it easy to share and build action plans.