The Needs App

The LeanBA

The Needs App is simplest way to define and agree on requirements.

The Needs App is a simple way to collaborate and agree on business needs with and for customers.

Creating a SharePoint site and want to agree on what it will be used for, then use the Needs App. Figuring out how a product is a solution for customers' problem, use the needs app.

The needs app walks you through a simple process to understand and agree on customers problems, goals, needs and proposals: collaboratively with a small team or large consortium.


*Built in green light of agreement provides measurement of progress

*Simple collaborative process: 1. People paint 2. the Picture 3. to get Results

*Leverages familiar SharePoint interface: no learning curve for business audiences

*Fraction of cost of existing outedated and expensive tools

*Better and faster way to agree on needs, requirements, plans and proposals

*For sales, research, product dev, business plans, project planning, business analysis

Finally a way, to define, agree on needs without the complexity and overhead of proprietary, outdated and complex tools that are expensive, never seem to work and can't effectively scale.

Time to break away from same-old re-packaged apps that are 10, 20, 30 years old and just are not capable of supporting collaboration, and agreement while restricting your capability to engage and collaborate with customers.

The "Needs App" changes everything. The Needs App is built on top of familiar SharePoint making it easy for projects and groups to work together instantly without special training. It is the first intuitive, natural and agile approach to understanding and agreeing on need.

We didn't invent the needs assessment. We just invented simplifying it. Introducing one of the simplest and easiest way to collaboratively assess, define and agree on requirements, plans and needs for and with customers.

Engage better, agree better, deliver better with The Needs App Today!

Are you listening to your customers? Build capability, competency in assessing customer needs with "The Needs App."

What is your strategy for assessing customer needs?

"The Needs App" is the answer. Try it today.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Not supported Internet Explorer 8.