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Risk Register

i2eConsulting LLC

Risk Register is a SharePoint based App. It enhances risk management process across organization by

Risk Register is a SharePoint based App. It enhances risk management process across organization by visualizing the project risks at a glance. The graphically represented reports within the tool are useful for explaining the risk status to concerned authorities (project sponsors or steering committee).

Risk register features :-

•Risk Summary Report- Renders crucial data like Risk title, Impact, Probability, Risk profile type, Consequences and Likelihood.

•Risk Matrix- Represents a heat map for active risks calculation based on impact and probability.

•Risk Path- Showcases the trail of an active risk in a quadrant based on impact and probability figures.

•Add New Risk feature is used to enter risk details, such as Impact, Probability, Risk profile type, Consequences, Likelihood and so on.

•View Risk List feature is a central repository for risks with options such as Export to Excel and Alerts & Reminders.

•Admin-Facility to amended Risk Status,Organisational Level,Category,Risk Response and Risk Strategy values

Risk Register Dependencies -

1) Required - Internet Explorer version 9 and above, and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

2) Required - Adobe Flash Player plug-in