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Events Slider

iTechArt Group

4.2 (11)

Management of company events

Events Slider is a SharePoint Add-in that helps you to organize events in your company.

If you have needs to manage events like knowledge sharing sessions or sports activities Event Slider is the best assistant.

You can control capacity of your event, attach surveys, invite guests. Statistics of attendance will help you to analyze the event and determine the most successful one.

Besides, you can send a link to the particular event to your users and they will be able to join it using a mobile device.

The Add-in has many features like:

  • Event has key image that allows easily recognize event
  • Every event can hold more information than in standard events list
  • All history of events in your company presented in one place
  • Ability to join event and bring guests to event
  • Ability to join a standby list if all places are filled and receive notification when free seats are available

  • Filtering events by category and by date

  • Informative notifications
  • Advanced survey can be attached to event
  • Handy statistics of attendance
  • Flexible permissions management
  • Create private events for limited amount of users

  • Controlling event capacity
  • Event can be added to your calendar
  • It runs completely within SharePoint - ALL DATA IS STORED IN SHAREPOINT LISTS!
  • Import/Export of events.


  • 15-day TRIAL
  • ONE-TIME cost for the Add-in for ALL USERS after the trial period!.

Feel free to contact sharepoint@itechart-group.com if you have any issues or questions. We'll be glad to hear your feedback.

Give it a try!

What's new:

- Mobile view for event

- Standby list

- Permission management module

What's next:

- Wish list

- Machine learning