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Exosomatic Artificial Neural Networks


An artificial neural networks (ANN) tool that lets you create backpropagation neural networks.

An artificial neural networks (ANN) tool that lets you create backpropagation (backprop) neural networks, train them with your determinate (known) data, and test (evaluate) your indeterminate (unknown) data with them.

Create multiple neural networks with various structures, training parameters, and training and testing data sets.

Visualize your neural networks.

Share your neural networks among a community of users.

Key features include:

  • Allows you to define the character and structure of your neural networks, including the number of input nodes (input values), the number of hidden layers and number of nodes per hidden layer, and the number of output nodes (output values);
  • Allows you to define your training and testing data values, including their labels and the order in which they are provided to your neural networks;
  • Allows you to set your neural networks' learning rates, error thresholds, and maximum iterations for training;
  • Provides an interactive graph of each neural network, showing nodes' interrelationships and their weights and biases;
  • Preloaded with two trained and tested sample neural networks, so you can begin to see the app in action immediately;
  • An About page that walks you through creating, training, and testing a new sample neural network;
  • The option to exclude selected data from training;
  • Sortable grid view of your neural networks;
  • The ability to hide neural networks from the grid view;
  • Leverages SharePoint lists to persist your data;
  • An app part that can be deployed to your SharePoint host websites' pages; and
  • Can be interfaced with other applications and systems via SharePoint APIs to, for instance, update training and/or test data and retrain and retest your neural networks in real-time.

This release of the app is licensed per organization for an unlimited number of users.

Built with client-side code (HTML, JavaScript, and the SharePoint Client-Side Object Model), this app requires no additional hosting infrastructure. The app runs entirely within your SharePoint site and within your browser.

Please note that the Exosomatic ANN app uses HTML5's canvas element; and so, it requires a modern browser, one that supports HTML5, such as Internet Explorer 9 or later.