Lewati ke konten utama

Leave Requests


This app allows to manage all types of leave in accordance with the company's processes

It is possible to configure an unlimited number of types of leave (CP, disease, RTT, recovery,) in accordance with the regulations in force in the company.

This application offers human resources an overview of leave requests for all users. Export functions are also available to update Payroll for example.

Each manager can view and control the absences of members of his department. It provides a safe and effective way to optimize its load plan.

The main features are:

- Notification by e-mail to approve requests for managers.

- Tasks are available in the Web Part "My tasks".

- Management of the delays on tasks (reminder mail, frequency of recovery).

- Notification by e-mail of members of human resources in each approval or cancellation of a request.

- All electronic messages are customizable.

- Advanced configuration of the types of leave, the number of days remaining can be visible to users or not, the color of each type code is customizable, ability to delegate creation to someone in human resources.

- Each manager view the requests assigned to him in a team calendar.

To start using this app, just define the users for the following roles:

1 - Administrators

Role: set the overall functioning of the application, set the format of emails, select human resources and managers groups.

2 - Users

Role: all persons entitled to create new requests. These individuals must be recruited into the application by a member of the human resources.

3 - Human resources

Role: the group containing users of human resources is defined by the administrator. These users have the responsibility to define the types of leave and enroll users of the application.

In addition, they have the overview of all the application requests.

4 - Managers

Role: the group containing the 'managers' is defined by the administrator. These users are responsible for the validation of requests made by the users of their department (depending on the setting).

They have the overview of all requests for their department and the ability to cancel requests afterwards.