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Project Agile


5.0 (1)

The PS+ Agile add-in enables users of Project Online to work with Agile

The PS+ Agile add-in enables users of Project Online to work with Agile, or to combine waterfall and agile type methodologies together. Activities in the project schedule are linked to the Agile Task Board where they can be broken down and the detailed tasks easily managed in the add-in. Breakdowns can be defined and as an example could be Sprints, Features and Tasks. With familiar experiences such as task boards, users can easily and efficiently manage their tasks. The intuitive interface means that users can fully manage issues, bugs and documents for the tasks. The team is managed from the project schedule and synchronised to the PS+ Agile add-in, this enables organisations to completed timesheets if required. Key agile metrics from the project are written back to the project schedule at the click of a button. The add-in also includes a suite of reports to visualise the current state of the project.

Internet Explorer 9 or earlier not supported.