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Fotopia Viewer Plus - Documents Scan & Annotation

Fotopia Technologies inc

4.5 (10)

Document management solution on Sharepoint. Scan, view, annotate and collaborate with your team.

Taking SharePoint to the next level!

Fotopia helps organizations consolidate the enterprise wide library access to Microsoft SharePoint by enabling seamless image viewing and capturing features from SharePoint. Through extending the capabilities of SharePoint, Fotopia provides exclusive interaction with the data in the library using a simple URL, instead of a desktop application.

Fotopia Viewer Plus provides multiple functions for seamless document management including web scanning, annotations, documents viewing, signatures, stamps and team collaboration.

Cloud Application - With the Fotopia cloud application, documents and images can be easily viewed from the library from any location. And just similar to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud application, Fotopia is free from the costs of a server, software installation, and hardware maintenance.

Scanning - Users can add one or more pages in documents by scanning pages locally or remotely. Users can also remove and rearrange pages in documents.

Annotations - Users can access documents with multiple pages populated as usable thumbnails and can use the working area to annotate and stamp documents. Users can add, edit and remove one or more annotations in the form of a circle, line, ellipse, text and highlighter) with the required primitives, such as thickness, color, opacity, filling, font size, shape resize, and positioning.

Unlimited Resolution - As a result or using Vector Graphics for annotations, in addition to SharePoint’s latest APIs for SharePoint integration and communication, it is the ultimate annotation solution with a remarkably responsive application and an ultra-smooth user interface.

Stamps and Signatures - Users can create, select and edit stamps & signatures with specific primitives, which control the sizes and colors and save it for further reuse for any other document. Quick access to specific stamps can be enabled by adding a stamp short cut. Also, predesigned stamps and signatures can be directly uploaded for reuse.

Zone Encryption - Users can pick specific parts of the document and block them from being viewed by certain other users, by entering a user-defined password

High Security - Fotopia has adopted the SharePoint Security Model, and as a result, only the user with access to a specific library can open the document or image via Fotopia to annotate and edit comments and stamps, or add, rearrange or remove page.

Printing and downloading - Users can print or download documents with or without annotations.