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SP Glossary

Ciprian Panzariu

Simple SharePoint add-in used for displaying a glossary of terms.

SP Glossary add-in allows you to quickly create a list of glossary of terms for your SharePoint site.

The add-in doesn't need any permissions to run and no external data is being sent or loaded, the app is self-contained and isolated.

To add a list of terms you can just navigate to the Terms list, select Edit mode and just paste a table with two columns (e.g. from Excel), is that easy.

You can customize the main title and the colour theme by using the Settings list (check user instructions).

The app includes also an App Part, so you can easily add it as a component to your SharePoint Page.


• Simple term list management, the data is stored in a SharePoint list in a key-value format.

• Automatic scrolling to a specific group by using the top alphabetical links.

• Search for terms and description within the page highlighting the search keywords

• Showing/hiding admin links based on the list permissions.

Source Code: https://github.com/p-ciprian/sharepoint