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Sensei Resource Heatmaps

Sensei Productivity

Quickly get an overview of your resource availability, engagement, and coverage

Use the Sensei Resource Heatmaps to quickly gain insights to help with your resource management in Microsoft Project Online.

There are three Heatmaps available:

  • Availability: Assignments vs. Capacity – See instantly how busy your resources are with work assigned directly from project schedules
  • Engagement: Engagement vs. Capacity – Quickly ascertain how your resources have been committed via Resource Engagements
  • Coverage: Assignment vs. Engagement – Use this view to see the alignment of assignments from the project schedule and resource engagements.

Each heatmap provides:

  • Custom field filtering: Filtering by date and custom field
  • PDP filtering: show only resources relevant to the current project
  • PDF export: export the current page or all resources to share with your stakeholders.
  • Launch Project Pro or the Resource Center with a single click
  • Real-time: no waiting for refresh intervals – you can make changes and see the results on the Heatmaps immediately.