ArcPro Word Panel - edit Word files from ArcPro

Donnelley Financial Solutions

Easily insert tags into Word files from the ArcPro content management system, part of FundSuiteArc.

This panel helps you edit Word 2016 content files from the ArcProspectus self-service composition tool that leverages shared content to make your document creation process more efficient and your prospectus and other regulatory documents more accurate.

Part of the FundSuiteArc platform, the ArcProspectus content management solution is easy-to-use and puts you in control. Your information is stored and managed in a central, online repository so disclosure and regulatory documents can be quickly and easily updated, reviewed and published for display on the web, for print, and for EDGAR HTML/XBRL submission. Learn more here (

This add-in is incompatible with Office 2013. Using this add-in requires that your content be implemented on the ArcProspectus content management solution. Contact your sales representative for further details.

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