Overtime Request


Request, track, approval and manage the requested. Easy to use, configuration and very flexible

It is a system that supports users to request overtime in your organization. It allows you to create a custom form, design the workflow and you can change anything in the system for consistent with your organization. Ex: You can change the system icon & title, customize the form, reports, define the workflow, edit the e-mail template,...

Key Features of the SharePoint add-in:

- Overtime request management

- Create unlimited stages of the workflow

- Track information process of workflow

- Automatic e-mail notifications of requests, approvals and rejections.

- Customize the navigation. You can assign permission to person who can see the link, add a new link.

- Design a custom request form for consistent with your organization. You can add, edit, delete any custom field in the form.

- Setting views that you can choose fields display or not.

- Define the workflow in your organization. You can choose: who is 'assign to' person? which is next step? Which step can edit data in the 'Request' form?

- Edit the e-mail template for e-mail notifications.

- Define the custom search view. You can define your search view that you want: filter, fields display

- Define the custom report. You can define your report that you want: filter, fields display,... There are 3 custom reports in this SharePoint add-in

- Export to Word, Excel, Print data (Supports Chrome, Firefox)

Overtime request supports the latest version of Chrome, FireFox, IE10 and above