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HandyMap - Route Maps


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Create fully interactive driving and transit route maps inside your Excel document.

Bring route planning into your Excel document with seamlessly integrated driving and transit route maps. The HandyMap Routes add-in is designed specifically for use inside Excel and enables you to plan, optimize and visualize your route data on full fidelity street, satellite and street-view maps.

  • Directions lookup using proven Microsoft Maps technology.
  • Add richly customized maps inside your Excel documents with pan, zoom and street-view capability.
  • Route optimization to help you plan the most efficient order for route way-stops.
  • Round trip routing and round trip way-stop optimization.
  • Review alternate routes for distance and time.
  • View step-by-step driving and/or transit directions with distance and time.
  • Extensive customization for marking your routes with distinct colors, images and place descriptors.
  • Custom marker feature for creating markers using your own icons and logos.
  • Callout labels enable you to highlight the key details on your maps.
  • Auto suggest to facilitate entering your start, destination and waypoint addresses.
  • One-click data binding for effortlessly building routes from your document data.
  • Auto save functionality for automatic persistence of your map data and settings.
  • Image generation feature to create maps for attaching to your document.
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