TOGlic | WORD GAME for Office 365

oleh Petr Slípek

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Create an interactive game where pupils building words from letters.

Amazing interactive WORD GAMES for your MS PowerPoint presentations and OneNote notebooks.

  • It´s easy to create!
  • It´s fun to solve it
  • It´s free - YES it is!

Playing with letters is popular mainly in language teaching. Well – what if you tried word combining also in other subjects? During the activity, the pupils work at her or his own pace, according to one’s abilities and level – the activity is, therefore, a wonderful tool for inclusive education. Word games help you to develop pupils' vocabulary, grammar skills or knowledge. Anyone who does not know the worldwide favorite Scrabble? The principle of making words out of a limited stock of letters has served a basis for the TOGlic | WORD GAME for Office 365 activity. The pupils can see a table of maximum 16 letters on their devices. Their task is to put together as many words as possible using the available letters, according to the teacher’s instruction (such as nouns, capitals of Europe etc.).

Preparation of the activity TOGlic | WORD GAME for Office 365 is almost effortless. You can use the LETTERS GENERATOR to prepare the appropriate character set. Just enter the words you want to practice, and mark the letters you want to use. Quickly and easily!

You need to have a valid account created at TOGlic portal ( You can create your own account directly in the add-in or you can login with your Office 365 account.

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