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Haldor Plagiarismchecker

Haldor AB

Control and handle plagiarism with Microsoft Teams and Urkund.

If you are using, in the process of starting to use the Assignments-functionality in Microsoft Teams for Education, you can now also handle plagiarismchecking directly from Microsoft Teams.

All documents submitted by your students in your assignments can be submitted to Urkund for plagiarism checking from the Team where the assignment is created. You as a teacher gets direct control of what documents are submitted and what the status of these documents are. You will also get a link to the report from Urkund directly in Teams.

To use this tab, you must have an agreement with Urkund and Haldor AB. If you already has an agreement with Urkund, you can get a trial-version for 30 days.

You can log in on https://portal.haldor.se to register and start using the Plagiarism Checker.

To be able to use the application, a tenant administrator have to register and accept that the application accesses your data in your Office 365 tenant.

Contact us if you would like some help to get started, help with agreements with Urkund, or you have suggestions for improvements!

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