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ChartExpo™ for SharePoint

PolyVista, Inc.

4.0 (1)

Hassle free SharePoint Online charts and data visualization solution for every one.

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint Online is developed to create insightful charts, graphs and visualizations. You don’t need to be an IT Professional to turn your data into charts, it’s just a matter of few clicks.

• 30 Days Full Feature No Restriction Trial:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint offers 30 days full features no restriction trail. User satisfaction is our top most priority. Our licensing is very flexible starting just from 4.99 $/month.

• Ease of Use:

User interface is so user friendly that a novice user can draw a chart in just few clicks. Export sample data and draw charts from user data on a button click. Anyone can use this SharePoint Add-in! Everyone will love to use it.

• Rich Charting Library:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint has the most comprehensive collection of charts and maps in the bucket. Our continuously growing chart list span from the basic charts (line, column, pie etc.) to the most complex ones (Sankey, Tree Map, Partition Chart, Word Cloud etc.)

• Mold It the Way You Want:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint gives you complete control over customization of charts, you can mold them according to your requirement. You can control the cosmetics of your charts like, opacity, background color, fonts, axis labels, legends etc.

• Works with Modern and Classic Modes:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint is designed to work in both SharePoint Classic Mode and SharePoint Modern Mode. For modern mode it is listed in Web Part list on page you can search it from the list as well by typing “ChartExpo” in search box.

• Aggregation and Item limit:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint provides aggregation SUM, COUNT, AVG, MIN, MAX. These aggregations are provided with item limit. Means if you have item limit set to 30. These functions will be performed on 30 recs instead of all.

• Smart and Wise as always:

Smart labeling through anti cluttering to enhance visual clarity. Wise enough to handle large dataset through paging and ensuring visual aesthetics. Smart data contract and wisely adjusting content in given space.

• Quick Dashboards:

ChartExpo™ for SharePoint is designed to quickly design the dashboards based on SharePoint list data. Go ahead and setup your dashboard on your lists in couple of minutes.

• Easy Sharing:

With ChartExpo™ for SharePoint webpart users can easily place visuals on webparts and share with their team.

• Please note:

This SharePoint Add-in is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

License is only required to create or edit the charts. No license is necessary to view the charts.

Please visit us at: www.chartexpo.com