OfferCommerce 365 - Shopping Cart & Classified Ads

Cotek Systems, Inc.

All-in-one ecommerce solution to launch a professional online store or classified ads on Sh​arePoint

OfferCommerce allows your customers to complete their orders in your site without

transitioning to another company’s checkout page. The add-in is highly secured without

additional setup, hosting and auditing costs to you. Product catalog supports unlimited

Store items. With OfferCommerce you will get fewer abandoned shopping carts and more

completed orders. In addition, you can issue Coupon and discount codes by Country,

City, Currency, date (Coupon Expiration), and many more.

OfferCommerce is the first all-in-one ecommerce solution for swift and easy launch of a

professional online store on SharePoint. Start selling online today - without breaking the

bank. Features include Secure Payment (PCI Compliant), dashboards, multi-currency,

Related products, shopping cart, checkout, Product Types (Downloads, Shippable, etc.),

Product Variants (Color, Size, Title, Material, Capacity, etc.), multiple product display

options, Order Notifications, Email Settings and many more.

Visit our live online demo store now to learn more. Our Live online demo illustrates our all-in-one

SharePoint E-Commerce solution for swift and easy launch of a professional online

store. Orders placed on this store are for test purpose since all the products listed in this

store is for demonstration and testing purpose. You can also watch a you video of the administration page using the URL below:

OfferCommerce includes the following web form features:

  Compatible with SharePoint 2013 or later and SharePoint Online (Office

 365)  Custom administration page for easy store configuration.

  OfferCommerce Slider Animation and configurable through Add-in part

 properties.

  Slick Navigation for slider and store

  Ability to customize to fit your needs

  Ability to load images with Title, Description, URL and buttons

  Fully responsive Add-in part

  Works with all SharePoint sites including Office 365 public facing site

  Multi-Payment Options

  Supports Multi-currency

  Smart Dashboard Systems

  Advanced Catalog Search

  Secure Payment System

  Real-time Shipping Calculations

  Product Catalog (Cloning)

  Store Admin Views

  Build-In Slider Add-in part

  Sorting and Filtering

  Multiple Views

  Configure Email Settings

  Store Inventory Tracking

  Email Notifications

  Related Products

  configurable Store Policies

  Supports Product Variants

  Manage Coupon/Discount Codes

  Flexible Product Catalog

  Multiple Catalog Views

  Language pack support

  Public Facing sites

  Product Details Page

  Email Templates

  Product Types

  Multi-Level Pricing