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Scribo helps English and Humanities teachers to help students write better.

SCRIBO is an AI based application that allows teachers to quickly assess and gain insights into writing skills for any level of writing, for any English and humanities text based subject submission. SCRIBO is the first "writing teaching tool" for the analytics era designed to improve student writing skills through continuous assessment and feedback from teachers using powerful AI capabilities. SCRIBO saves each humanities teacher at least 7 hours of assessment and feedback time and over 3 hours lesson planning and preparation a week.

Using the best AI technology available, Scribo is a highly scalable digital assistant for every humanities and English teacher. Looking at where the platform fits into a school ecosystem, it is important to recognise that Scribo uniquely does not require an investment of more time, data or resources from teachers to be 100% effective. Scribo delivers results with minimal teacher involvement and has been developed with this intention.

Teachers can take all the responses to a writing assignment and drag-and-drop them into Scribo. Scribo 'reads' documents created in Microsoft Word, PDF or Google docs. In a few minutes, Scribo ‘reads’ the texts, delivering:

• a comprehensive analyses from all student texts across 6 categories of writing

• data and discoveries into live insights for the class and individual students

• suggestions where to improve student writing across six insight categories

• a space for teachers to grade, compare, summarise and deliver direct fast feedback online

• feedback reports to students

• reporting which tracks growth and opportunities for improvement across levels of writing

• rolled-up data from student, class, subject and year levels for consolidated discussions, teaching and resource planning.


Scribo Student is a school-wide resource giving students access to a comprehensive writing check across any extended text response. Linked to powerful AI services, student feedback is instant and accurate. Scribo Student runs an on-demand seven point writing check, reporting writing issues and concerns across:

• Grammar

• Spelling

• Passive voice

• Vocabulary

• Readability

• Sentence structure

• Cohesive use

Students make corrections in situ, access context-aware online help and writing tips. Every time students activate the Writing Check, diagnostic data is gathered. Teachers and students have immediate access to detailed metrics on where students need the most help and where Scribo is supporting students with feedback.

Teachers have access the same student analysis tools, able to replicate writing checks on student work to gain further insights into the same identified opportunities for improvement. Scribo Student can be a standalone resource for the entire school, offered exclusively to students as an additional, school sponsored resource.

Scribo quickly becomes every teachers' assistant, helping to reduce grading time, optimise feedback and track improvement across student writing skills.

Note: Teachers and students must have an active Literatu account to use this application within the Teams. If your school isn't registered, please contact to organise a demonstration or trial.

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