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Work with Projectplace boards in Microsoft Teams.

Receive notifications from Projectplace in a Microsoft Teams channel, extend collaboration and keep your whole team up-to-date when things are happening in your project.

The Projectplace connector for Microsoft Teams enables you to quickly receive updates regarding the status of all cards that are relevant for you and your other team members, without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

By using the Projectplace connector, you can:

  • Connect one or more Kanban boards from your Projectplace workspaces to a Microsoft Teams conversation channel
  • Receive notifications about updates directly into the conversation channel
  • Navigate to a card in Projectplace from Microsoft Teams to get more information and perform updates

The following actions will trigger notifications into your Microsoft Teams channel:

  • A card is created on the Kanban board
  • The status of a card is changing
  • A comment is added to the card
  • A card is assigned to someone

When a notification is posted, someone with a Projectplace user account can click to navigate directly to the card in Projectplace and get a complete overview of the status of the board.

The Projectplace connector has a simple setup process:

In order to use the Projectplace connector, the user needs to have an Active Projectplace account and the Microsoft Teams connector needs to be enabled on the account level by an Account Administrator.

Next step is to install the Projectplace connector from the Microsoft Teams’ AppSource. During this process you will be asked to login to Projectplace from the connector’s main screen if you are not already logged in to Projectplace. On the connector’s main page, select the workspaces that you would like to connect, then select the relevant boards and click save. You are now ready to extend your collaboration into Microsoft Teams!

Projectplace offers a wide range of powerful work and project management tools that enable traditional and accidental project managers to plan and execute work with their teams, track progress in real time, and ultimately achieve goals. Using Projectplace’s Kanban boards you can Visualize commitments and engage your team with agile Kanban boards.

Get an overview of project progress across teams and projects – anytime, all the time.

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