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Exgence Expert Assistant


Shorten RFP/ITT response time and improve response quality by automatically finding the top answers.

Sales and Pre-Sales professionals can spend a great deal of time responding to RFPs and ITTs from prospective clients.

It’s important work requiring knowledge and and attention to detail. There can be hundreds of detailed questions and to respond effectively requires a big resource commitment with several pitfalls. You can

  • Easily waste time on requirements which don’t suit your strengths,

  • Overstate your capabilities exposing yourself to substantial risk,

  • Understate your capabilities and give competitors the edge.

Exgence Expert Assistant is an AI solution to help sales and pre-sales professionals respond to RFPs and ITTs from potential clients.

Complete responses in half the time, with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

1. Obtain valid Exgence credentials from https://www.exgence.com/ or get in touch at info@exgence.com

2. Use the credentials to upload responses to historical client documents, product manuals, or other technical information on https://app.exgence.com/

3. Let the Expert Assistant analyse any new set of client requirements

4. Open Excel 2016 or above, download the Exgence Expert Assistant from the Microsoft Office and SharePoint Add-ins platform and simply find the best and most complete answer to questions in any new document

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