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Josh Bersin Academy

Nomadic Learning

Bring HR learning into the flow of work and discuss HR topics with your team

The Josh Bersin Academy for Teams helps HR professionals find learning, advice and best practice on human resource and talent management topics without leaving Teams. It empowers HR practitioners and HR managers to collaborate with their colleagues on solving common workplace challenges by bringing content from the Josh Bersin Academy directly into Teams.

Search for high quality performance support content using the Josh Bersin Academy Bot. You can find videos from some of the most experienced HR practitioners in the world, tip and tools to help you in your everyday job, and cutting-edge research on the HR and Talent topics that are shaping our organizations.  You can also access exclusive content that is only available to Josh Bersin Academy members.

Open a new tab in your Team channel and find a Conversation Starter from the Josh Bersin Academy and share the conversation starter with your colleagues. They don’t even need to be members of the Josh Bersin Academy. Use the Conversation Starters to have productive conversations that improve the performance of your HR Team and help drive HR transformation within your organization.

The Josh Bersin Academy for Teams helps you:

  • Search for high quality HR learning and performance support content from within Teams
  • Jump to the exact content you need to support you in your daily job
  • Improve your knowledge of the latest HR and Talent Management topics
  • Discuss the latest HR Topics with your team using content from the Josh Bersin Academy
  • Collaborate with your colleagues on HR transformation projects
  • Bring the latest HR knowledge and research to the attention of your colleagues

This app requires an account with the Josh Bersin Academy. Learn more about the Josh Bersin Academy and sign up today at https://bersinacademy.com/

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