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Ramco CHIA is an intelligent Virtual Assistant which simplifies HR and other business functions

Meet Ramco CHIA, your own personal assistant who can simplify your life at work. CHIA brings conversational experiences that redefine your interaction with enterprise software systems / ERP across HR & Payroll, Operations and Finance etc. While CHIA can understand your queries and respond to them quickly, it is also intelligent and proactively suggests actions / tasks to simplify your day at work. CHIA is also personalized and contextual to the employee making the experience more relevant and meaningful. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, leveraging Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing, CHIA helps your organization drive forth employee engagement through conversational user experiences across transactions, analytics and decisions.

Some of the common areas CHIA helps you with, include:

  • Leave – Apply & Approve Leave, check leave balance etc.
  • Travel – Apply & Approve Travel Request, Book tickets, Raise Travel Claims etc.
  • Payroll – View Payslips, Incentive Payout etc.
  • Attendance – Timesheet, Over Time etc.
  • Medical Insurance – Coverage level, dependence coverage and so on
  • My Team – Team snapshot, availability etc.
  • My Policies – Company Policies, Eligibility criteria etc.
  • Support Queries – Reimbursements, confirmation date, notice period etc.

Supporting 30+ Self Service functions, CHIA today sees 300,000+ monthly conversations from 100,000+ Users. HR Virtual Assistants such as Speedback BOT (for sharing/receiving instant feedback that gets registered immediately in the performance journal), Timesheet BOT, Candidate BOT and Onboarding BOT etc. are also gaining good traction from both HR Staff and Other employees.

Ramco CHIA is unique from the perspective of not being just a reactive BOT, can also send actionable notifications empathetically (for instance, if you don’t come to office at your usual time, CHIA would send a notification asking if you are feeling well and if you are not, it could assist you in applying leave on your behalf).

In addition to the above HR use cases, please look forward to experiencing more use cases across Aviation MRO and ERP (Services, Logistics, Asset intensive sectors).

Enterprise App Recommendation:

Ramco CHIA is an Enterprise grade Virtual Assistant that requires Ramco’s ERP (HCM, SRP, Aviation, ERP) product and is currently not available for individual users. Please reach out to Ramco Systems at if your organization is interested in leveraging the power of Ramco CHIA.

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