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Add HR Intelligence to your organization

Handle FAQs, offer micro-learning experiences, schedule announcements, automate pulse meetings, get analytics, and more. HRwiz is the HR wizard your company deserves!

Here is how HRwiz can make your HR processes easier, if you are an admin:

  • Onboard: Welcome employees to Teams with a built-in interactive chat experience. Use a list of onboarding steps to kickstart the first days of work. Edit the onboarding steps to provide an experience fully customized to your company culture. Use HRwiz's powerful analytics to monitor the onboarding status of your employees and help them overcome challenging steps.
  • Train: Help employees with common questions on compliance, company culture, internal processes and systems. Edit the frequently asked questions to match your company needs and allow self-paced training with quizzes and QnA sessions. Train employees in a fun, chat-like way and reduce meetings or workshops to a minimum.
  • Engage: Get employee feedback via regular "pulse" meetings. Empower your team view with analytics on employee engagement. Know your employees better and help them excel at their job. Schedule Polls, Quizzes and Broadcasts to drive engagement, collect valuable feedback and improve your processes, all within the conversational tool you intuitively use!

Here is how you can use HRwiz if you are a team member:

  • Get notified about the most important news that leadership and management want to share with you. Never miss the "memo" again and keep your conversations all in one place.
  • Skip the HR helpdesk for questions about company culture and processes by asking HRwiz at your own time and your own pace. Instant answers to your questions at your fingertips, all within the tool you use all day!
  • Provide feedback to management without the pressure of typical meetings and review process. Forget about the stressful and unproductive review meetings and express your opinion openly and with confidence.

And that is not all! HRwiz is constantly getting new automations that will make your work-life easier!

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