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2x writing in half the time with AI for academics, grammar checks, paraphrasing, translation & more!

Deliver clear, error-free academic writing with Paperpal for Word. With generative AI writing support and real-time, subject-specific suggestions, Paperpal helps you overcome your writer’s block and improve your work as you write. Trained on millions of published scholarly articles and 20+ years of language correction expertise by professional academic editors, Paperpal, an AI writing assistant for academics, provides human precision at machine speed.

Paperpal for Word blends seamlessly into your writing process, providing real-time checks and suggestions to streamline your academic writing and empower you to write better, faster. In the panel on the right, choose Paperpal Copilot, our generative AI tool, to generate outlines, titles, or get advice to kickstart your academic writing. Then polish your work with precise AI academic translation, language correction, grammar checks, paraphrasing and vocabulary suggestions, word reduction, and consistency checks! Paperpal’s complete writing toolkit has you covered at every stage of the writing process, with features designed to help you deliver original, reliable, high-quality content, every time.

📝 Generate outlines, titles, summaries & more

Overcome your writer’s block with our generative AI tool, which creates outlines, titles, abstracts, keywords, summaries, study highlights, and email templates to help you kickstart your writing.

💡 Get instant ideas and advice for your research

Use Ask Paperpal, our generative AI tool for academic writing, to brainstorm ideas and get assistance on topics, presentation ideas, and research tips directly in Word for a seamless writing experience!

✍️ Rewrite to refine tone or trim wordy sentences

Paraphrase to add variety to your research writing, ensure correct academic tone, or trim your text to meet strict journal word limits, all without changing the essence of your research!

🔍 Get in-depth English language checks

Our AI writing tool for researchers understands academic writing conventions, suggesting precise language corrections without changing references, equations, technical terms, and non-English words.

✔️ Fix grammar, punctuations, spellings

Paperpal offers 3x the language corrections of other AI grammar checkers. The academic paper checker flags complex grammar mistakes, does real-time spell checks, and corrects style and punctuation issues, while suggesting ways to improve clarity, readability, and flow.

💬 Access tailored feedback and writing tips

Paperpal allows you to tailor your feedback to American or British English. The AI writing tool for researchers also explains suggestions and offer writing tips that build your writing skills over time.

Paperpal Prime unlocks unlimited access to premium features in our comprehensive AI writing toolkit for academics, designed to take your research writing to the next level.

🔤 Accurate academic translation

Paperpal’s academic translation feature can detect content written in 25+ foreign languages and instantly translate it to English, which lets you focus on your research as we refine your writing.

🔄 Contextual synonyms for better vocabulary

Avoid unnecessary repetition and enrich your academic vocabulary with contextually relevant synonym suggestions that are validated based on published literature.

📊 Consistency checks for precise writing

Create flawless content with Paperpal’s Consistency Checker, which automatically detects stylistic inconsistencies in research papers, including p-values, symbol spacing, and figure/table presentation.

Paperpal’s AI writing toolkit is trusted by 450,000+ researchers and top global publishers, including Wolters Kluwer, IOP, IEEE, Royal Society, ASCO, among others. Don’t miss out, get this comprehensive AI academic writing assistant now!

Install Paperpal for Word for free in three steps:

1. Click on the ‘Get it now’ button on the top of this page

2. Sign in with your Microsoft account and click the ‘Open in Word’ button on the launch page.

3. Open MS Word and click on ‘Open Paperpal’ on the top right to start receiving language correction suggestions!

The Paperpal for Word academic writing tool is now ready to help you transform the way you research and write, helping you achieve 2x the writing in half the time!

Add-in capabilities

When the Paperpal add-in is used, it can:

Read and make changes to your document

Send data over the Internet

We’re here to help! If you face any issues, feel free to visit our support page for assistance or write in to us at

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