Koala Docs


Automate your documents with dynamic templates, snippets and AI translation, without leaving Word

Discover a new way of creating interactive documents and save both time and energy by reusing your work with Koala Docs! This innovative add-in brings a new approach on templates and an AI powered translation tool, directly in Word, to streamline your daily activities.

Key features and benefits:

  • Create outstanding documents faster and easier, using your own dynamic templates Easily manage and access unlimited templates, directly from Word Create snippets to use in your documents with just a few clicks – you can use text paragraphs, photos, tables, signatures or any other elements that you need Easily search for templates or snippets and access them from any device with Microsoft Word Translate your text into any language with an integrated AI translation tool, without leaving Word

For a company-wide approach to your business documents, you can also add multiple users, who can share the same templates and snippets.

Koala Docs is available starting with Microsoft Word 2016.

Koala Docs is free to download and includes a free trial of 30 days. Additional purchase is required after your free trial period expires.

For information about the pricing plans, you can visit

Getting started with Koala Docs:

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