Creation of videoconferencing rooms for Oversee

This application assists in the creation and participation of videoconferences with Oversee.

Ideal for those who are used to using Microsoft Teams and want to add the functionality to create or share a video conference address to interact with other Oversee products.

To use the app with Microsoft Teams, the user will need a Windows Desktop and a microphone to set up, a camera it's not mandatory, and download the Oversee app.

By using the service, you ensure that your team can quickly learn about a private videoconference address and access the necessary interactivity between people from different locations with Oversee's live streaming service.

With it, it is possible to create and share an address where one or more people from your organization or different teams can access the address of a videoconference and interact in a live broadcast that may be happening in any location in Brazil.

You can use it to create videoconferencing rooms that can be used to chat with people in your family and / or your work environment.

This application is recommended for any type of public that uses Microsoft Teams, knows Oversee products and wants to have more interactivity with these products.

For example, if you are a speaker and are scheduled to participate in an event that will be broadcast live or recorded by Oversee, through this application the organization can share the address of a videoconference room that you can access and participate remotely in a few steps.

If you are some kind of expert in your industry, you can send different numbers of rooms to conduct remote technical consultations with your customers.

Doctors can create rooms and share them with their patients and consult online, just as IT specialists can explain their products.

With just one command it is possible to generate a video conference room.

When generating a room, a number and a link will be provided to enter the generated video conference.

By clicking on the link, you will need to install our desktop application. The name of the app is Oversee.

If you already have the application installed, the browser will display a message to open the application and then you can enter the video conference room directly.

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