WriQ is a writing achievement tool that easily assesses and motivates student writing.

Accelerate student writing proficiency with personalized, automated feedback

WriQ is a writing achievement tool that more easily assesses and motivates student writing.

Save time and effort when scoring your students' writing.

Assessing student writing is a time consuming and tedious task, especially in a classroom full of students with diverse writing abilities. With technology-assisted marking, WriQ helps teachers instantly assess student writing and provide valuable, immediate feedback, helping to close the feedback loop much quicker.

WriQ automatically reviews the documents for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, in addition to helpful metrics like time on task, vocabulary maturity and more. WriQ standardizes the scoring of student writing helping you to set differentiated, qualitative feedback to improve student achievement. 

At a glance:

  • WriQ, technology-assisted marking frees up time and reduces educator workload by removing subjectivity and manual time spent grading papers for assessment of written work 
  • Measures productivity (how much students write), accuracy (how many errors they make), pace (the speed at which they write), and maturity (the maturity of their vocabulary). Monitoring over time and displaying a single WriQ score gives educators a more accurate picture of student progress
  • Allows teachers to give meaningful, personalized feedback, with greater clarity to improve student confidence and achievement
  • Provides a standardized benchmark for fair grading and delivers comparable insights on writing level within a class to help identify areas that could require additional support.

WriQ offers features to help you improve student writing outcomes. By visualizing insights on student writing levels and comparing with national norms, WriQ makes it 

easier to differentiate and personalize student instruction than ever before!

Some features require a Premium WriQ License.

To learn about premium pricing or to set-up a pilot, visit:

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