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Drive real-time ops: trigger, view, acknowledge, and resolve incidents directly from Teams.

Drive Real-Time Operations With PagerDuty and Teams

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for organizations. Over 12,000 enterprises and small to mid-size organizations globally trust PagerDuty to improve digital operations, drive revenue, mitigate threats, protect assets, and delight customers.

With the certified bi-directional MS Teams integration, users can collaborate with one another and trigger, view, acknowledge, and resolve PagerDuty incidents directly in Microsoft Teams. Integration setup and authentication can be completed effortlessly, allowing users to quickly integrate PagerDuty and MS Teams in their incident resolution workflows. Easily set up PagerDuty to add powerful chat-ops functionality to your platform, enabling real-time incident management “work where you are” functionality across your organization.

  • On-Call Management and Notifications: Distribute on-call responsibility by configuring custom on-call schedules, rotations, and escalations.
  • Enterprise-Class: Leverage a platform built for scale.
  • Extensible Platform: Count on secure-by-design, reliable architecture, 350+ native integrations, and best-in-class API support.
  • Event Intelligence: Ingest events from any source, extract the signal from the noise, and automatically trigger advanced workflows.
  • Modern Incident Response: Engage the right responders and business stakeholders in seconds for an effective response to the most critical incidents.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Azure: Minimize business disruptions by identifying incidents from your multi-cloud and hybrid-infrastructure.

  • Cloud Migration: Help cloud migration projects move quickly, while decreasing the impact of issues that occur throughout the migration lifecycle.

PagerDuty for Teams Highlights:

  • Work Where You Are: PagerDuty lets IT Ops and DevOps teams collect all relevant signals in one place, so they can address incidents as they arise, in real-time. You can use the PagerDuty interface, PagerDuty mobile app, or Teams to drive real-time ops — wherever you are working.
  • Connect 350+ tools to manage your digital operations in real-time. Integrations include Azure, JIRA, Nagios, Cisco, Jenkins, Zabbix, Splunk, Trend Micro, New Relic, DataDog, SignalFX, Sumo Logic, Zendesk, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.
  • Streamlined Cloud Migration with Confidence: PagerDuty helps cloud migration projects move quickly, enables teams to adopt modern technologies and processes, decreases the impact of issues that occur throughout the migration lifecycle, and continuously improves their overall operations.

A PagerDuty account is required to complete integration.

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