Revelation helpdesk

Yellowfish Software

Seamlessly integrates your support tickets and simplifies your help desk tasks.

This app is designed to simplify your daily helpdesk tasks and helps your support staff to manage their helpdesk tickets. Managers can use the tabs and connectors to get alerts on high priority tickets and monitor tickets for 1 or multiple teams. The app allows you to create new tickets and log action notes from existing conversations or search for existing tickets and share them with others.

You can have a conversation with the Revelation bot and ask it to show a list of open tickets. You can also ask the bot for details on a specific ticket or specifics about a ticket like who it is assigned to or when the ticket was last actioned. The Revelation bot can also log new tickets and add action notes for you.

Use the Revelation helpdesk connector to get instant notifications on ticket activity in your helpdesk. Each connector can be configured to only show notifications for certain types of activity. Filters can also be setup on the connector so that individuals of a team only get notifications for certain clients, teams or queues setup in Revelation helpdesk.

The Revelation helpdesk tabs allow a team to monitor a list of their open tickets from inside Microsoft Teams. Multiple tabs can be setup and can be configured to only show tickets for certain teams, clients or tickets assigned to specific queues in Revelation helpdesk. The tab can also be filtered to only show New, Current, At Risk or Late tickets, or filtered by ticket status or priority. The list of tickets can further be filtered using the real-time text filter to quickly find tickets using a search term.

A personal tab comes pre-configured and will quickly show you the tickets that are assigned directly to you in Revelation helpdesk. Clicking on a ticket in the list will open it in your web browser where you can action it further.

The phrases in Revelation helpdesk can be customized to suit your business needs. Terms used like "Ticket", "Client", "Location", “Team” or "Queue" can be changed in the admin area and will reflect in the app.

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