Svava for Meetings

Svava AB

We make your meetings more productive and effective.

This application will make your meetings and workshops more engaging, effective and productive. Establish an agenda, collaborate, and accurately capture meeting notes. The minutes will be available for distribution immediately when the meeting ends. You can use Svava for online, as well as offline meetings.

This is how it works: You can setup Svava meetings in a tab in a relevant channel. For example setup a marketing meeting, in the marketing channel. This will give team members the opportunity to view and contribute to the agenda beforehand.

Once the meeting starts all team members can open up the relevant meeting tab in Teams. It can be used with our without video conferencing in Teams. The meeting host controls the meeting slides, but everyone can contribute with notes, decisions and actions. This ensures that everyone has the same picture of the meeting results. It is possible to invite external participants to your meeting using a link and a meeting code. Once the meeting ends the results are ready to be downloaded. This saves a lot of time when it comes to documentation. The meeting tab can be kept open in Teams for easy follow-up, or reconfigured for new meetings.

This app contains the following features:

1. Create an agenda

2. Assign agenda topics

3. Allocate time for topics

4. Document information, actions, and decisions

5. Set assignee and deadline

6. Mark items as done

7. Invite external participants to your meeting

8. Review a meeting summary

9. Download minutes

This app will help you:

1. Stay on topic

2. Have tangible outcomes

3. Vary the format and structure of your meetings

4. Capture notes accurately

5. Set a clear purpose

6. Properly manage time

7. Distribute meeting notes immediately

8. Enhance collaboration and participation

9. Have a clear of agenda

10. Ensure the right people are in the meeting

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