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Improve and certify your cyber security with Cyberday, the modern ISMS inside Microsoft Teams.

Cyberday is management system for cyber security, information security and privacy work. It unravels selected requirement frameworks (e.g. ISO 27001, GDPR, Cyber Essentials, NIST CSF, ISO 27017, etc.) into clear tasks and brings security work close to employee's everyday life - into Microsoft Teams.

Cyberday enables you to demonstrate good cyber security to your own management, customers or authorities. Cyberday is designed to function fully inside Microsoft Teams, no separate accounts or user credentials are necessary.

Work in Cyberday starts by choosing your preferred frameworks. According to this Cyberday creates a ready-to-execute plan, whether you want to go further towards certification-level or just take care of the most critical cyber security essentials to protect customer data. When you've chosen one or more active frameworks, Cyberday gives you a clear list of pending tasks, so you know which actions will get your cyber security to the selected level. By activating, delegating and executing these tasks your compliance level will start increasing.

Cyberday comprises of three main content types:

  • Tasks for admins - What does our core security team need to do for us to comply with selected requirements?

    Cyberday presents you pending tasks according to the chosen frameworks. You will need to work with the tasks by selecting an owner and creating evidence information that demonstrates that the task has actually been done e.g. for an auditor. Assurance information varies according to task types. Some demand filling documentation listings, some demand creating guidelines for employees, some creating and updating reports and some simply typing a short process description.

  • Required documentation - What kind of listings we need to manage our security and report of our compliance?

    Get smart and efficient, ready-to-use templates for cyber security documentation which are utilized by creating links between elements with "mouse clicks", not by typing long text paragraphs and drawing lines in process canvases.

  • Guidelines for employees - What kind of instructions do our employees need to follow, so that they can be secure workers?

    You can choose the security guidelines each unit must follow. The bot inside Microsoft Teams ensures everyone knows the cyber security guidelines that are relevant for their role.

Cyberday also includes a report library, which helps you to create any compliance-related cyber security report with a single click. Each of the frameworks has different reporting needs, and Cyberday includes an own reporting module for each framework.

As an admin you can create your organization's account and invite the selected key people to the management side.Other personnel can interact with Cyberday only by accepting guidelines via the Teams bot and the Guidebook view.

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In Finnish Cyberday is called Digiturvamalli.

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