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Quick utilities to tidy up your text cells in Microsoft Excel.

If you work with text in Excel a lot, Text Toolkit will be a real game changer. Instead of building formulas or searching for the needed operation, you start the add-in, pick the option and just let it do its job.

Add characters, remove strings, split cells, extract text, trim spaces, convert symbols, change case, count chars and swap text — the tool lets you do all this quickly and accurately. Feel free to use in Excel for Mac as well as in Excel for Windows and Excel on the web.

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Text Toolkit lets you:

  • Trim extra spaces
  • Convert text to numbers
  • Count characters and words
  • Change letter case
  • Extract text or numbers
  • Remove text by its position
  • Add the same text to selected cells
  • Split cells by symbol, string, or mask
  • Replace unwanted characters
  • Eliminate leading zeros
  • Clean non-printing characters
  • Swap text in your cells
  • Find, extract, replace, and remove strings by means of regexes
  • Merge columns, rows, or cells into one
  • Combine rows by duplicates

Currently, the add-in offers a free plan available for beta testers. In the future, other plans may become available for extra charges. All current plans, limitations and pricing can be found Text Toolkit home page.

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