Share files of any size, allow others to download them, and keep the control with you on Quantamove.

Quantamove brings the power of sharing large files with third-parties in just a simple drag & drop action. Quantamove add-in for Microsoft Outlook replaces the cumbersome large email attachments with a simple shared link.

  • Drag and drop any large file into the Quantamove
  • Copy the unique link that gets generated for your attachment
  • Choose the preferred protection method: password protection, time-based expiry or email restricted access.
  • Keep the control with you to choose how your link should act.

Quantamove for Outlook add-in Capabilities:

  • Upload large files over the Internet with Quantamove
  • This add-in does not access any data from your existing Outlook.
  • Manage your existing files right within Quantamove Outlook add-in


  • You need an account on Quantamove (Free or Paid).
  • Licenses are issued per user basis. You can learn more about the pricing here: https://quantamove.com/pricing/
  • Should you have any queries, please write to quantamove@artelliq.com

Ideal for

  • Media companies
  • Individuals who share large files via Outlook
  • Anyone who would like to share large files of up to 20 GB per file via email to someone

Kemampuan add-in
Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Mengirimkan data melalui Internet
  • Add-in ini dapat mengakses dan mengubah informasi pribadi di pesan aktif, seperti isi pesan, subjek, pengirim, penerima, dan informasi lampiran. Add-in dapat mengirimkan data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak pesan tidak dapat dibaca atau diubah.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.61273.9bb06a6b-e46f-4069-af19-518bc51b5f74.a04a752d-81e3-4cbc-9e88-cf53e2440694.c21d2fc4-4a9b-484b-99e5-26a9d85c1402.png