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Automate business processes in a fast and efficient way

Eliminating manual, paper-based processes by business process automation is key to a successful digital transformation. Forms Center allows you to model and automate key business processes in your organization in a fast and efficient way. Non-technical people can design no-code workflows that manage any kind of business process (e.g. invoice approval, document review, expense tracking,etc).

From a technical point of view, the Forms Center is a SharePoint-hosted add-in, which means the add-in is integrated with SharePoint and all data is stored in the customer's SharePoint environment.

Key features:

• Workflow Templates with Workflow Editor - allows designing no-code workflows by using an intuitive interface.

• Request Templates - allows you to create different request forms (e.g. HR Request, IT Request, Expense Request, etc.) with specific custom fields and workflow.

• Customizable form fields - administrators can quickly build request forms with numerous field types such as Text, Choice, Number, Currency, etc.

• Support both general-purpose and financial workflows - in the request template, you can design spreadsheets that allow cost tracking for specific scenarios (e.g. travel expenses).

• Role-based access control - allows you to set up the level of access that users have to Forms Center (regular user, manager, and admin).

• Tracking object changes - each object has an audit log that allows tracking of change history (e.g. creation, edition, etc.).

• Measuring request processing time - tracking the efficiency of your team's workflow is crucial for optimizing the whole process.

• Automatic email notifications - configured email notifications for each step of a process.

• Automatic request assignment - you can configure automated assignment of requests to staff members for each workflow state

• Reporting and export to Excel - Forms Center provides several reports which can be used for management, billing and analytical purposes. Data tables provide options to print or export to CSV/PDF/XLS.

• Customized report view - you can create custom report views with specific columns and filters applied.

• Attachments - allows users to upload additional files to the requests.

• Integrated list - when you enable integrated list, requests are automatically exported to the native SharePoint list on the parent SharePoint Site. Sharepoint list can be integrated with numerous other systems via Power Automate, used as a data source for Power BI (reporting services) or displayed on different site via Web Part.

• Custom branding - you can custom brand your logo and colors

• Translation-ready for other languages - allows language translation for regular user and manager views (except "Administration").

Important Notices:

• The user who enters the add-in for the first time after installation automatically become an administrator with the ability to assign admin roles to others

• Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and later, the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Forms Center is available as a free, fully-featured 30-day trial version.

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing an annual subscription or lifetime license.

For more information, please visit our product site:

and watch a video guide:

If you have any questions, email us at

Version released:

- Added ability to clone (copy) request templates